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The Digital Teacher

Making the most of technology in the classroom

Training session for Teachers of English

This session is designed to support Teachers of English in extending their knowledge of digital tools and resources
for developing their students language skills both in and out of the classroom.

It will include practical ideas for teachers to use for language development and exam preparation.

The session will also look at professional development for teachers (CPD) and introduce the Cambridge English Digital
framework as a tool for teachers to enhance their own professional development in ‘digital’ competences and skills.
Città e date
Formazione docenti Bologna
mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017
Formazione docenti Roma
martedì 24 ottobre 2017
Formazione docenti Laquila
martedì 31 ottobre 2017
Formazione docenti Milano
venerdì 3 novembre 2017
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